Tree Service - Tyler

Tree Service

Big Tex Tree Services and Lawn care in Tyler understand that every tree is an asset. It is an asset for your lawn, and we see to it that they are installed and maintained perfectly. We grow trees in Tyler with the best quality seeds and natural fertilizers. The trees are well pruned to give the desired look. We claim to be the best in installing and maintaining trees. That makes us one of the most trusted tree service provider in Tyler.

Tree Service - Tyler

Tree Removal

Big Tex Tree Services and Lawn care are your number one option for tree removal services in Tyler. We will ensure that your tree removal will go smoothly, quickly, and efficiently. Tree removal can sometimes be difficult because of the attachment you might have to your tree. Also, tree removal can be avoided and sometimes basic tree trimming can take care of the problem. However, if you notice any of these problems with your tree, then tree removal, is a must. Big Tex Tree Services and Lawn care are ready to help you with our tree removal service today. Please, never try to remove a tree or try to bring down a tree without calling a professional. If it falls in the wrong way or is not taken down with precision, this can kill someone. Contact us today!

Tree Cutting - Tyler

Tree Cutting

The tree cutting is the most popular tree practice done to the urban trees. Our professional tree experts in Tyler can prune your trees in the for the best possible appearance while allowing your garden trees to meet certain requirements. We improve tree health and also exceed your expectations at competitive rates. Trees because trees are big assets to properties, adding value, keeping properties shaded cool during summer. Big Tex Tree Services and Lawn care help the tree owners to beautify and maintain the health of their trees with reliable, hassle-free and prompt tree cutting services in Tyler.

Lawn Care - Tyler

Lawn Care

We maintain the lawn for various clients, especially the residential clients in Tyler. The maintenance services include removing and replacement of sod, pruning of trees, cutting plants, cleaning the dried leaves and much more. We always recommend our customers to carry on with our lawn maintenance services. We have a maintenance schedule for every lawn. A defined number of visits for maintenance services are mentioned in the contract. It may sound possessive, but we take care of our trees more appropriately!

Firewood Suppliers - Tyler

Firewood Suppliers

Need just a bundle or two for your firewood requirements? Stop by Tyler’s original drive thru Big Tex Tree Services and Lawn care at any time to purchase your firewood bundle. If you're looking for affordable prices on the top quality outdoor furnace firewood or kiln dried firewood, bundled firewood, look no further than Big Tex Tree Services and Lawn care in Tyler. We provide professional firewood delivery services to the surrounding local area. Simply give us a call to order your specialized type of firewood, cord amount, delivery address, date and time.

Landscaping - Tyler


Big Tex Tree Services and Lawn care is a family owned and operated full-service landscaping company serving residential and commercial clients of Tyler. We understand your design needs and can develop a plan that exceeds your expectations and in your budget. Our array of services will revamp any space to give it a new lease of life. Our skilled team of designers, gardeners and masons can help you with every step of the way. From the primary planning stage right through to the completion, we provide accurate pricing with a rough timeline. This helps in knowing when you can expect us to complete the project.

Mulch Landscaping - Tyler

Mulch Landscaping

Big Tex Tree Services and Lawn care' one of the gardening’s secret weapons in Tyler landscaping is mulch. It’s not a dazzling starlet that steals the spotlight, but its performance and results can make or break a landscape design. Whether you’re grooming a beautiful front yard or raising your family’s favorite veggies in the backyard, or tending your garden in the front, we will offer the best you deserve. Our mulch landscaping services in Tyler can make each planting area healthy, earth-friendly and beautiful.